Portsoy – 23/24 June 2012

Following the success of last year’s regatta at the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival Portsoy, the organisers feel that the St Ayles Skiffs made such a positive contribution to the event that they want us back again – more of us!

This year, the accomodation will be expanded so that 18 skiffs are invited. We are looking at options for a few more should there be the demand for places.

As clubs are starting planning for which regattas they are attending during the coming season, the draw for Portsoy is being made much earlier.

The Regatta will be organised by Jordan Boats in conjunction with the STBF under the Rules of the SCRA.

The race program will be for a similar course to last year, with the actual classes to be raced similar to 2011 but to be confirmed at a later date.

Priority of berths for Portsoy will be allocated as follows:

  1. Clubs north of a line drawn from Helensburgh to Perth.
  2. All other Clubs
  3. Second skiffs from any Club

In the event of more entries being received than there are places,  a random draw will be made  at whichever level of priority we are going to run out of spaces.

Applications from Club Secretaries should be made to Portsoy2012@jordanboats.co.uk by 6pm on Wednesday 22nd February 2012.  Successful clubs will be notified by Friday 24 Feb.  A reserve list will be maintained in the case that succesful applicants have to withdraw.  At this stage we are looking for entries from skiffs.  Successful applicants will be asked to list their crews and categories in which they would like to race nearer the time.

It is intended that new clubs will race in a separate “1st Year” category.   New clubs may race in the “Senior” events if they so desire, but this will commit them to racing all their crews as “Seniors”.  The Organisers may use their discretion to allow clubs who have rowed in a St Ayles Skiff prior to 2012 to row as 1st Years, and may also require clubs new to the St Ayles but with extensive previous rowing experience to row as Seniors.

Subject to consultation with the attending clubs, a shorter course will be marked for 1st Year Clubs and the older age classes.

Applications will only be accepted from Clubs with fully paid SCRA subscriptions for 2012.  Subscription status will be checked with the SCRA Treasurer immediately following application closure. Applications are also welcomed from clubs outside the UK, for whom special arrangements will apply.

Clubs in the process of building their first skiffs may apply for places at Portsoy, and indeed are welcomed.  However, the builders must have a realistic expectation that their skiff will be launched by 12 May to allow for sufficient practice time.   If an accepted skiff has not been launched by 12 May, its place may be offered to clubs on the reserve list.

All senior clubs will be expected to supply at least one race Umpire.  1st year clubs will be expected to supply an assistant umpire to start learning the “trade”.

That is the formal stuff – now some detail about what will be happening…

There will be improvements in the race facilities, particularly the start.

Camping for all Skiffies will once again be at the Soy Loch site.  The shower and toilet blocks are to be improved.  The STBF are coming forward with other improvements relating to entertainment on the Saturday evening. We have been promised a definite time slot for the prizegiving on the Sunday afternoon.

More information on the Portsoy Regatta will be posted on a sub-tab of Events 2012.


Alec Jordan

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