Lady Boatbuilders

Plenty of women have been involved in the building of community boats in the Scottish Coastal Rowing Project, and it is probably the case that most of our rowers are women.  However we are only aware of three all female skiff builds.  The first was Rosie built at the Wind and Oar Boat School in Portland Oregon.

The second is the  Women on the Water project in Franlin, Tasmania.   Their skiff is nearing completion, currently being painted and awaiting a name. The group won a grant from the Huon Valley Health Services Advisory Committee in recognition of their efforts to maintain health and fitness, not to mention their active enjoyment of the fantastic local waterways that they are blessed with.  Here they are early in the build:

The third is  in the spiritual holiday home of Scottish Coastal Rowing, Portsoy.  Here the magnificent Portsoy Skiffettes are also making great progress  as can be seen in the following pictures.

We look forward to seeing the promised paint job on the Skiffette’s boat.  Hopefully all three groups will be able to get together at the St Ayles Skiff World Championships in Ullapool in July 2013, and can inspire others to become involved in building boats, building friendships and building communities.


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