Planning on starting a St Ayles build?

Jordan Boats, supplier of St Ayles kits in UK and Europe, will be having a 3 week shutdown during February 2013, during which there will be no kits cut or plywood deliveries.  Jordan Boats will still be contactable via email and at . However please plan early to avoid delays!

Alec Jordan expains:

“If you are planning on purchasing a St Ayles kit in the UK in the near future, we will need to bring the plywood up from Robbins Timber in early January to be able to turn the orders around by the end of the month.  We will be happy to take a deposit of £600 for the plywood so that it can be shipped to us, and held until you are able to pay the balance before cutting and shipping.

“After the January order is delivered, we will not then be ordering more plywood until after the shutdown in early to mid-March. This will be the next opportunity after January to receive a skiff kit from Jordan Boats.

“Kit orders in Northern Europe from de Boutbower, North America from Hewes & Co, and Australasia from Stray Dog Boats are of course unaffected by this shutdown.  It is also intended to offer kits from Cape Town, South Africa in the near future. Contact details for International suppliers.”

We have seen a lot of new locations around the UK regularly visiting the SCRA website – Fareham, Farnham, Southampton, Workington amongst others.  If you are thinking of starting a St Ayles skiff build in the New Year, please get in touch with Jordan Boats or with the SCRA to let us know.  Apart from offering help and advice on getting going, we can also help put you in touch with other interested people in your area who may have been in touch.

Potential St Ayles builders in North America, Australia/ New Zealand and the Netherlands can order kits from local suppliers listed on The Boat Kit tab

We are now standing at 94 skiff kits sold worldwide.  Can we make it to the century by the end of the year?  We will look forward to hearing from you.

Robbie Wightman
Convenor SCRA

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