St Ayles Measurement Rules Group

The SCRA committee has asked a small specialist group to review the current measurement rules to see if any improvements should be made, to ensure that they continue to serve their objectives  which currently include the following:

1.1 The boats to be raced shall be available to as many people as possible

1.2 The quality of the boats shall be dependent on the skills of its builders.

1.3 The success of its racing shall be dependent on the effort, skills and seamanship of its crew rather than being dependent on being able to afford the purchase of expensive specialist materials outwith the financial resources of other boat owners, or use of specialist boatbuilding technique outwith the abilities of the handy amateur.

1.4 Racing craft should be as evenly matched as possible.

1.5 Builders and users must not compromise the safety and longevity of the boats in order to achieve speed.

The group has been asked to make recommendations by the end of the 2013 season, so that they can be considered in advance of the AGM at the end of October. It would not be appropriate to make any radical changes until the end of the 2013  season.  The one rule that the group have however been asked to review in the very near future is with regard to minimum weight of a St Ayles skiff.  No minimum weight is currently specified.  An e mail will be sent to club secretaries shortly asking for their assistance with this assignement!

The Chairman of the group is Stuart Mack of Boatie Blest, and secretary is Maddy Corbin of RowPorty.  Other group members are Alec Jordan of Jordan Boats, Topher Dawson of Ullapool, Ewan Kennedy of the Seil Skiff, and Peter Laidlaw from Franklin, Tasmania. It is hoped that a North American representative will also join the group and it is hoped that skiff groups world wide will comply with a single set of measurement rules.

 The rules currently in force can be found through the “documents” tab above, or by clicking here.





  1. #1 by Alan Pendred on 2 March 2013 - 9:51 am

    I think the committee should also recommend a maximum weight to boat builders as some sort of guideline. The skiffs are racing boats but from observation some builders are treating them like workboats with massive gunnels very apt for hauling nets or creels over but out of place on a racing hull. One or two also have oversized stems and are then fitted with bulky floorboards and various large and weighty timber fittings. If builders stick to the recommended cutting list when ordering the Larch they should end up with a competitive hull. With a lot of building going on at the moment I would hope builders consider the poor crews that have to compete and build beautiful, strong but light boats.

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