North Berwick Regatta 24 August 2013

The 2013 North Berwick Regatta will be held on Sat 24th August. The host club looks forward to receiving as many entries as possible from both long established clubs and those just getting started.  The course is a classic  one, from North Berwick Harbour round Craigleith Island and back to the harbour.  Over the two miles of rowing conditions can vary considerably, testing the crews and coxswains with a variety of wind angles, jabble and tides.  Those who find themselves not in contention can still enjoy the journey, with plenty of wild life and fine views of the rocks and coastline.

It will be a busy afternoon as the skiff racing will be followed by the annual Raft Race, which is a family fun event that includes sandcastle building and a silly Raft Race that you should enjoy watching (skiffs are not allowed)!

In the evening there will be  medals and a party in the church hall. For those who stay overnight there will be a Sunday social row/picnic, probably to one of the nearby islands if conditions allow.

Details of the regatta and an entry form are available on North Berwick Rowing Club website .  There is a closure date of Monday 19th August for all entries, to allow the programme to be finalised and lanes allocated.  Although composite entries are welcome in advance, no entries can be accepted on the day.  Any queries to  There will be racing for juniors and novices, over the full course.

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