Where is it? #12

Here are a couple of photos of boat builders hard at work.  Would anybody care to post a comment with a guess as to where these community stalwarts are?

mystery 1




  • IanB


  • Ken

    Mull, looks like their high quality finish?

  • Robbie

    Not Mull or Findhorn. There are clues in the pictures (which were taken quite recently)

  • Ken

    I’ve spent half the morning over this now and still cant figure it out, the newspaper says the Sunday Mail, which has a union jack on it which would suggest UK but the shorts and T shirts suggest southern hemesphere but the boat shed isnt Tasmania’s (pretty sure as it is wood and this is metal) Different shed to any in Australia I can find, so must be New Zealand cos that union jack has stars on it?

  • stephen

    The short sleeves and trousers indicate warmer climes, but the giveaway is the newspaper in the second picture, which is the Jan 26th edition of the Sunday Mail showing the Australia Day celebrations in Adelaide. My guess is that it’s Armfields Slip, Goolwa, S Australia.

  • robbie

    Stephen wins the prize. It is indeed Goolwa, South Australia. A town with close historic links with Cockenzie and Port Seton.

  • Gareth

    Of course we knew where it was but were keeping quiet to give others a shot. 5 second start as a prize? 5 second handicap I think for being such a clever clogs.