Firth of Tay building race

More by accident than design, both Wormit and Broughty Ferry picked up their kits from Leven on Thursday.

As these builds will hopefully increase the interest from other communities around the mouth of the Tay, we are putting up a bottle of Highland Park as the prize for whichever of these clubs lands their skiff on the opposition’s beach first.

Enjoy your builds.

Alec Jordan
Jordan Boats & CNC Ltd

  1. #1 by Broughty Ferry Boating on 24 March 2014 - 7:01 pm

    Ha Ha, now if ever there was a challenge? We are blessed with having a senior member of our build team who will do whatever it takes to win a bottle of fine maltŠ..never mind the honours with getting to the south shore before Wormit get to the north. Although clearly anxious to secure the win we are mindful that we want to build a strong enough skiff that
    will also manage to make the return journey!

    Great fun and I am sure we will have many exchanges in the coming months as this rivalry intensifies.

    May the finest boat and team win.

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