“Pulling for Victory”

girls for victory

If you want to pull for victory, it would be a better idea to do so as part of a crew with other like minded (and probably determined) rowers in a St Ayles Skiff, rather than struggling on your own in a wee “flattie” in a big swell.  Our recent survey found that more than half of the members of SCRA member clubs are female.  In 2015 SCRA clubs had around 2400 members, with a further 2400 non members having a go at rowing during the year, perhaps through open days or community competitions.  If you are not rowing in a St Ayles skiff already find your local club on our Clubfinder or through our international “links” page.  If you don’t find a club near you, build a boat.  Yes you can.

Image Courtesy of Springfield College, Babson Library, Archives and Special Collections.

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