Film Review: Whisky Galore at Portsoy

Film Review is a bit of a departure for this website, but we have to make an exception for the remake of the 1949 Ealing Comedy Whisky Galore.  The Islanders of Toddy are suffering a whisky drought during the second world war.  However a solution arrives by way of a wrecked freighter, and the task becomes one of retrieving a cargo, and then making use of it and storing it without interference from the authorities.  A gentle comedy where the star is of course the lovely village of Portsoy, which will be recognised by all those who have visited the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival and the skiff racing that takes place there.  The film has a variety of coastal rowing boats deployed, but if there is one criticism it would be that the film makers should have deployed the Portsoy skiffettes to row the boats for the actors, who demonstrate some pretty ropy timing and technique when rowing out at night to recover the cargo.  Other reviews are available.  The film also has locations at St Monans (Near Pittenweem and Anstruther), and is the lighthouse at St Abbs?  Whatever a pleasant night out with friends, which is not going to cause offence to anyone, except perhaps pompous Home Guard captains.  See it at cinemas this week.


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