St Bronagh Skiff

Those who have not bought their skiffeworlds raffle tickets yet, please do so ASAP.  You will be helping to make what is bound to be a great event into a fantastic event, and what is more you will be in with a chance of winning a lovely St Broanch Skiff.

The St Bronagh skiff is a coxed two rower boat.  It can be sculled (two oars each) or rowed with one sweep oar each.  The boat is built in fibreglass and finished in wood by Tyrone Boats of Portaferry, Northern Ireland.  Tyrone boats can also supply you with oars for your skiffs (see the website).



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Some Reminders on Racing Rules

With Skiffieworlds coming up, it is a good time to have a brief reminder about certain racing rules, and things to specifically think about for this event.  It would be very, very much appreciated if all participants, be they rowers, coxes, umpires or spectators read through the racing rules before the event, and discuss them with their club members and crew mates.  The rules can be found here:

And do remember that there are specific considerations for this event which are clearly set out in the

Skiffie Worlds Notice of Race

Please read them both.  Nothing in this post is designed to replace participants informing themselves, but we are anxious to issue a reminder about certain matters.


The turning buoys are 20m apart.  This may be closer together than some clubs may be used to.  It does mean that you cannot do a wide sweeping turn, but should aim to do a tight turn, which experience suggests is faster for a 180 degree turn in any event.

Rule 8.5.2……… boats approaching their turn shall give way to those coming out of their turn…..

So please do not sweep in wide and conflict with a boat coming out of the turn.  But please ensure that you have completed your turn before you set off again, rather than sweeping across one of the incoming lanes.  You will be turning to starboard.  Hitting the turning mark is not a problem, indeed is to be encouraged, so long as the hull goes round the mark.



Skiffs must carry the following whilst taking part in this event, and may be disqualified from racing or face other sanction if they do not:

(a) A working hand held VHF radio
(b) At least two means of efficiently bailing the boat
(c) Personal Flotation Devices for each crew member. These must be worn by all crew members at all times.
(d) A length of rope of at least 14mm diameter and at least 8 meters in length, securely attached to a strong point in the bow of the boat and capable of being used to tow boat with crew.
 (e) An Anchor, together with a suitable chain and line of minimum 30 metres, giving a combined minimum weight of anchor, chain and line of 7kg, all as suitable for use in the conditions and area.
In addition to the above, as set out in the notice of race,  for this specific event skiffs must be equipped with the following:
2 paddles for close quarters manoeuvring
1 wooden broomshaft (28mm diam.) fixed at the bow for the race lane ID tube The broomshafts should reach at least 30cm above the bow.


Note that the Coxswain must be at least 16 years of age.   They must weigh at least 9 stone in minimal sports clothing. If they weight under that weight they should carry a weight of some sort at their cox seat to bring them up to weight. It is their responsibility to do that, rather than anyone’s responsibility to catch them if they do not!

Bio security

Because of the status of Strangford Lough, biosecurity matters a great deal to those who work there and those who use it for recreation.  Please therefore ensure that your club complies with the requirement set out in the notice of race:  On entering the event Clubs agree that the skiff and its trailer(s) (including inside any accessible box sections) have been powerhosed before travelling to ensure no transfer of water organisms. Hoses will be available at Strangford and Portaferry for cleaning before returning home.

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Skiffieworlds Measurement: Reminder

A reminder for all participants at the Skiffieworlds 2016.

Please ensure compliance with the  Building and Measurement Rules for the St Ayles Skiff 2014 Edition and in the event of any difference, please contact the Secretary (  at the earliest opportunity to arrange for an exemption certificate for particular sections of the Rules.
It is anticipated that all skiffs will be weighed and inspected for compliance with these Rules at Skiffieworlds and the relevant Racing Rules at some stage during the event.

When applying for an exemption, and this may be of particular importance to the original skiffs built under previous Rules – please quote the Rule number, the Rule criteria and where your skiff differs from such rules.

For example – where the stems are narrower than required.
Rule 2.4.1 – Stem faces – 1.125 inches (28mm)  – own skiff face 24mm
Please note that the Rudder dimensions are a safety issue and an exemption may not be granted – please ensure that the underwater wetted surface area is a minimum of 850 cm2 .
Some common issues noted at recent regattas:-
stem dimensions
length of keel
Metal footrests ( Rule 6.2)
The use of non-removeable plastic wear plates fitted to the rowlocks is not permitted
Each skiff shall display (visibly) their allocated number from the Skiff Register  please. The numerals shall be at least 20cm in height and displayed on a background of contrasting colour.
If you require an exemption, please apply soon- with name of Club, Name and Number of Skiff , when launched and the details as requested above.

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Queensferry Regatta on 10 September


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Broughty Ferry Results 2016

Saturday 2nd July saw Broughty Ferry hold their Annual Regatta on the Tay when skiffies enjoyed a mixture of weather conditions.

The first race on the programme was the Men’s Open Race which endured breezy conditions, the first wave saw Broughty Ferry come home in front of Crail and Queensferry, the second wave was led home by North Berwick from Newburgh and Wormit. When the times were posted North Berwick took first place by 4 seconds to Broughty Ferry with Crail in third. Just as the 60+ Women lined up the sky had changed to a dark shade of grey and the Tay bridge had disappeared but with the wind still playing a part, the monsoon was diverted over to Fife and the ladies only enemy was the wind which kept them dry, the result was North Berwick 1st, Broughty Ferry 2nd and Queensferry 3rd.

Race Three for Men 45+ had a familiar result in the shape of North Berwick 1st, Broughty Ferry 2nd. and Crail 3rd. The Women’s 45+ saw Crail come home 1st from North Berwick in 2nd and Queensferry in 3rd. Race 5 the Mixed Open saw Crail hold off North Berwick for 1st and 2nd with Broughty Ferry in 3rd.

The Mixed Novice was next up. With the ebbing tide and wind still playing a part in the proceedings the remaining races were run anticlockwise on the rectangular course.  The first wave of the novice race was led home by Newburgh and the second wave followed with Wormit in the lead.  When the results were declared everyone left at home in Wormit, five miles up the Tay,  must have heard the cheers when they were declared winners, with Newburgh in 2nd and a dead heat between the two  Ferry’s.

The final race of the day was the Women’s Open and Crail, Queensferry and Wormit lead off the first wave with North Berwick leading the second wave around the first buoy with Newburgh and Broughty Ferry in hot pursuit as the race unfolded all eyes were fixed on the back straight as Broughty Ferry started to move up on Newburgh and by the third turn were gunning for North Berwick, the pace of the three crews was beginning to bring the first wave into their sights and it was a great see five skiffs pick their line for the final sprint home. Broughty Ferry chose the widest berth and as the crews got closer and closer the crowds were jumping to see the finish with Broughty Ferry coming through strongly to take 1st from North Berwick 2nd. and Newburgh 3rd. A great finish to a great day in which every club had a podium finish.


The Women’s Open finish between Broughty Ferry and North Berwick Picture: Ralph Hopkins

Thank you to John Miller for the report above.  It is much apprecaited when clubs send in reports for publication. Full results and times in the photo below. (Race 1-  Men Open, Race 2 – Women 60+, Race 3 –  Men 45+,  Race 4 – Women 45+,  Race 5- Mixed Open,  Race 6- Novice,  Race 7-  Women Open)


100_2293 (5)

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Portsoy 2016 Results


Results from Portsoy Regatta, part of the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival, are available by clicking on this link.  Plenty of time to pore over what might have been, what nearly was, or how lucky you were, in advance of the next regatta!

The weather for Portsoy was fantastic, and it was great to see the regatta filling up with locally built boats from the local communities of Cullen, Findochty, Banff,  Collieston, Burghead and Findhorn.  They were joined by skiffs from Avoch and Helmsdale from the North, and Gourdon, St Andrews, Anstruther, Port Seton, Eastern ARC and North Berwick from south.

Boatie Blest failed to retain the overall trophy for success across all events.  This year it was passed to the Anstruther club, who came in ahead of Eastern ARC in second and Avoch in third.

Last race on the Sunday was an Andy race.  Mixed gender crews, made up on the beach, no more than two members from any one club in any of the skiffs, get your practice in by rowing to the start.  Use charm and patience to get yourself into a boat.  The race was sent off in two waves, and the winner of each wave got the prize.  Sorry, no one can remember who the winners were, but we suspect it might have been all of us.

andy race


Photos from SCRA Facebook Group by Allan Robertson and Lorna Gourley.


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Racing Schedule for Worlds

The schedule for ‘racing at Skiffieworlds can be found here.

The draw for the heats is yet to take place, and will be published as soon as we have the information.  In the meantime please ensure that all the information in the Notice of Race is digested and understood by all participants.


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Andy Jarvis

We are sad to be bringing you the news that Andy Jarvis, member of Queensferry Rowing Club, and friend to many accross Scottish Coastal Rowing, has passed away after a short period of illness.  Andy probably rowed in more St Ayles  skiffs than any other skiffie.  At the recent Ullapool regatta he was given a special award. We cannot quite remember the exact explanation, but basically it was for being Andy.  Peter Locke of Queensferry tells us a bit more:
Andy Jarvis happened upon Queensferry Rowing Club just after the launch of our Ferry Lass in April 2011. He told us he had his own wee boat at Kinghorn and had rowed before. He was immediately grabbed and told, ‘you’re in!’ With his great sense of humour and easy way with people and boat handling he became one of the most prominent members of our Club. He was always there and willing to do anything. He and his wife Anne travelled around Scotland and often turned up at regattas the Club could not attend. Over the years he gained the reputation of rowing for anybody who would have him. His favourite regatta was Ullapool and I am so glad that we got him there in May and he had such a good time. Many thanks to all the rowing community who made him feel so special. His health deteriorated quite rapidly since then and he died earlier today at The Victoria Hospice with boyhood friends at his side. We will all miss his infectious smile and humour but what great memories we have.  We think at this time of Anne, his Daughter Lynne and Son Andrew.
Andy at stroke for queensferry.

Andy at stroke for queensferry.

Thank you Andy, for sharing good times with us.

The Funeral will be held on Tuesday 5 July 2016, 11.45am at Kirkcaldy Crematorium and later at Dean Park Hotel. Andy’s family have asked that any skiffies attending should please wear Club colours.  It is hoped that some clubs will bring a couple of oars so we can arrange a salute as Andy’s coffin enters the crematorium.

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Bishop of Worcester launches inland coastal rowing club

The Right Reverend Dr John Inge, Lord Bishop of Worcester, was the star guest at a recent event that saw the launch of Worcestershire’s first coastal rowing vessel. The innovative local project celebrated the launch of The Zandenise named after the Bishop’s late wife – ‘zan’ is Cornish for ‘saint’ – on Saturday 18 June at The University of Worcester Lakeside Campus, Top Barn Farm in Worcester.


Utilising the vision of local social entrepreneur Richard Wood, Zaznak’s founder – which aims to make the rowing and building of St Ayles skiffs accessible and inclusive – the resources of The Good Soil Project and pupils from Tudor Grange Academy, the boat went from conception to launch in just under a year. After its maiden voyage on the water with Richard Wood, members of the boat building community and the 90 attendees on the day, declared the build a huge success.

 With Alec Jordan from Jordan Boats – kit supplier – and other St Ayles skiff clubs from Portsmouth, Lydney and Blakeney in Norfolk, there was plenty of expertise on hand to help those that wanted to try out the Zandenise.


Zanzak is the first inland coastal rowing club for St Ayles skiffs in the UK.  Richard says “There is an enormous opportunity for coastal rowing to reach many UK lives; 57million residents live inland – with the majority of them only 70 miles from the coast.  With 19,000 miles of coastline around the country, there is huge potential for us to develop the initiative.

Worcester’s first coastal rowing boat was built by volunteers involved in The Good Soil Project – a scheme launched by TV personality and celebrity gardener Monty Don.  Worcester’s Good Soil Project – also based at Top Barn Farm – helps marginalised communities develop essential life skills, equipping them to lead meaningful and independent lives.  These communities have been involved in the boat building process. Along with the Awards for All funding – which gives grants of up to £10,000 to community groups and projects that improve health, education and the environment – Top Barn Trust also donated funds towards the initiative.  Thanks must also go to The Oarsome Chance Foundation for help in arranging the day.

For further information  visit

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Midsummer Challenge Saturday 18 June


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