The Next Skiffieworlds will be held in July 2019.  The venue is still be be decided.  If you are interesting in hosting these championships, please note your interest with the secretary of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association to ensure you are notified of the process for selecting a venue, which is likely to start in early 2017.


Skiffieworlds 2016, the  St Ayles Skiff World Championships, was held on 25-30 July 2016 in Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland.  

Results Days 1 and 2:  Finals (and Heats) in Mixed Open B, Men and Women 40+,  Men and Women 60+, U17 Men, U19 Mixed.

Results Day 3: Open B Men, Open B Women, Mixed 60+

Results Day 4 :  U17 Mixed Final,  Men and Women 50+ heats

Results Day 5 :    Men and Women 50+ Finals,  U17 Ladies final,  Open A Men and Women, 40+ Mixed Heats.

Results Day 6 :  Mixed 50+ heats and finals.  Finals in Men and Women Open A and U19, Mixed 40+.

An amazing 17 different clubs won medals in at least one of the categories.  Other clubs found their success in making it through to finals or avoiding coming last, or even being at the start line.  Remember that all these clubs have built their boats themselves, learned to row, and organised themselves to get crews racing at the championships.  We applaud all the participants.

View the medal table, which was topped by local club Dundrum, followed by Eastern ARC and North Berwick.


For further information see the dedicated web pages

for the event.


Read the announcement about the venue.  

See the course on a chart of the water at Delamont.

  1. #1 by Michael Doherty on 17 August 2015 - 8:36 pm

    The village of Craster in Northumberland are desperate to join in the sport of coastal rowing with a St Ayles Skiff. Ideally we would like to build our own skiff. However Jordan’s
    who provide the build kit are moving to the south coast. Does anyone have a skiff half built or a completed skiff which for any reason they do not want which would enable us to get on the water quickly ? Please contact me on 01665 576107 or dohertycraster@gmail if you can help. Michael

  2. #2 by robbiew on 18 August 2015 - 4:59 pm

    Hi Michael, if you don’t get any feedback don’t worry too much. Jordan Boats have promised that there should not be too much interference to their supply during the move. Contact jordan boats directly through their website for more info. . Best of luck to the boat builders and coastal rowers of Craster.

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