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100th St Ayles Skiff launched at Woudrichem

GROOT & grut 2 became the 100th St Ayles launched on 19 Sep at a well attended party at WSV Woudrichem in the Netherlands.

GROOT & grut 2 launch 19 Sep 2014
GROOT & grut 2 launch 19 Sep 2014

With the benefit of experience, G&g2 is a lighter skiff that G&g1 which could be seen as she was powered out of the tiny marina home of WSV Woudrichem by the crew who have been in regular practice for next weekend’s Great River Race. Both G&g1 and G&g2 together with Dwarsbongel will be in London next weekend to boost the numbers of St Ayles competing.

Dwarsbongel has now been sold to a group in Heusden in Brabant who are intending building a second, and on Sunday, the three skiffs will be taken to Deventer for their Slooproein Club to try out.

We have been the guests of the club here in Woudrichem, and I can strongly recommend a visit to this very pretty old city. The rowing club here will make you very welcome.

Alec Jordan