Catterline~ First Build Your Barn

One of the smaller communities to become involved in the Scottish Coastal Rowing Project is Catterline, perched at the top of a steep brae above the sea  between Montrose and Stonehaven, on Scotland’s east coast.  The Catterline builders are keen to fill the gap in St Ayles skiff provision between Fife and Portsoy, a coast with many towns which would benefit from the community involvement which comes with building and using coastal rowing boats.

Building at Catterline finally got underway in September.  The kit had arrived sometime ago but had to wait for a barn to be built, which is now proving to be a perfect place in which to build a boat.  The only complaint so far is that it has not been cold enough to test the 16kw wood burning stove and get rid of all the plywood off cuts.

Barn Built, Boat Building

The hog is just about to be glued to the stems, so progress is not too bad and the aim is to have the skiff on the water in summer 2012.

So far thirteen people have been involved in the boat building, which has seen turnouts from 1 to 7!  A wide range of ages are reflected in the group, including three teenagers, who are keen to turn out on Sundays.  Rob Plummer is leading the project, whose Iain Oughtred designed Ness Yawl is a regular visitor to Scottish Traditional Boat Festival, Portsoy.  Rob co-built the Ness Yole and this experience is proving to be a a great help in co-ordination of the St Ayles build.  The team includes an ex-policeman, who had wanted to build his own boat, and a previous participant in the Galgael project. The backgrounds of the rest of the group are varied: golf course greenkeeper, IT specialist (and cartie driver), social worker, retired army, economist and oil company employee.

A weekly update is being posted on

These folks at Catterline are up for a bit of fun.  Check out the village Cartie event, where they race home made carties down the hill.  There are some excellent videos.

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