Turnover at Carrick Academy

Wednesday 21st December 2011 :  The time came to turn the St Ayles skiff being built at Carrick Academy,  South Ayrshire, with  appropriate ceremony to mark the occasion.

upturnkeep turning


lower gentlyclap


Project leader Niall McGinnis tells us  “It all went well with nobody being squashed! We used the opportunity to invite a whole host of local people and to promote the newly formed club, “Carrick Coastal Rowing Project”.

“Getting the boat ready for the day was touch and go, with extra hours needed to reach the deadline, but it was worthwhile with the ceremony receiving a great turnout with lots of positive remarks.”

Pictured are the 6th years, Hollie Lucas, Connor Riggans, Robbie McCreath, Dale Hamilton, Daniel Roulston and Blair Jardine ,project leader Niall McGinnis, technician Brian Auld, and  two senior volunteers that help out for two hours a week John McGinnis and Alec Kelly.

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