Dalriada Festival Regatta and a charity row across the Irish Sea

Please see attached the Rowing information pack for the Festival Regatta

Dalriada Rowing Pack 2012

Have also been asked by the Antrim Coast Rowing Association if there are any SCRA clubs interested in a charity row across the Irish Sea, probably May or June, in support of a cancer charity I think. It will probably be televised and may have a fairly major Irish celebrity participant (one of the Boyz that can sing a bit).

The route being discussed it to Portpatrick from a point on the Irish side that suits the tides on the chosen date. It should be somewhere in the regions of 20 miles. Logistics are being arranged at the moment and a selection of dates are to be submitted to the Celebrity’s “people” for them to work out when he is available.

P & O are going to cover the ferry costs.

If you are interested as a club or as an individual please contact me on rowing@rwsabc.com.


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