Skiffs in Unusual Places #3…. Skiff in the Sky

Number three in an occassional series of skiffs in unusual places shows a skiff being borne skywards.  This is in fact Vinalhaven school in Maine USA taking their part build skiff out for a bit of crowd surfing during turnover.

It does though remind us of the stories of the viking descended” Lords of the Isles”.   A saga from Orkney claims that Scotland’s King Malcolm III offered (under duress presumably) Earl Magnus of Orkney all the islands off the west coastof Scotland “navigable with the rudder set”. Magnus then allegedly had a skiff carried by his men across the neck of land at Tarbet, Loch Fyne with himself at the helm, thus including the Kintyre peninsula as one of the”isles” over which he was Lord.

The current “Lord of the Isles” is Prince Charles.  Perhaps the pupils at Vinalhaven should offer to carry him round at the tiller of their skiff to do a bit of kingdom reclamation.

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