Glide down (and up) the Tay

The first St Ayles with a River Tay home took to the water this evening.  Glide was built by a group of young men under the guidance of Sam Marshall.

She is expecting to be racing very shortly with her crew of experienced rowers.  Prior to the formation of the SCRA, Newburgh and Royal West were the only surviving coastal rowing clubs on the Scottish mainland.  Existing St Ayles crews can expect some very strong competition from these rowers once they are used to rowing a light boat with a single oar.

The club has already purchased a second kit which they expect to complete early next year.

Press Report in Fife Today

  1. #1 by robbiew on 23 July 2012 - 11:44 am

    Love the colour scheme. Good luck to all at Newburgh, Robbie.

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