Who is looking in from where?

The more observant amongst the readership may have noticed the addition of a world map in the side-bar.  This useful little gadget allows us to be able to see how much interest there is in Scottish Coastal Rowing and the St Ayles Skiff from around the world.

Click on the map, and you will be able to see where in the world people are looking in from, with some interesting results.  You will immediately see that there is considerable interest coming from the middle of the Algerian Desert.  My original thought that this will be a Scottish oil engineer was confirmed by Robbie Wightman – one of the builders of St Baldred is indeed working there, and wants to keep up with what’s happening.

There are a few other “hotspots” of interest who have been in touch and are considering building a St Ayles (or two in one warmer location), but there are some mysteries.  Who is looking in from Belgium – there is a regular visitor there. Is there a group of expat Scots in Sunnyvale CA considering building a St Ayles?

We would like to hear from you.

Alec J

  1. #1 by Joan on 23 November 2012 - 6:59 am

    I’m from Mallorca, not scotish one. I’m interested in learning more
    english, as you see, and all about rowing skiffs. That are the reasons
    why I’m trying to read you every morning.Good Job, and thankyou very much

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