St Ayles World Champs 2013 ~ Categories and Schedule

There has been a great deal of interest in the categories for the St Ayles Skiff World Championships at Ullapool in July 2013.  The decision has been taken to expand the Championship racing into a fourth day so that all popular classes can be accommodated.  The racing categories to be offered are now fixed but the following timetable is provisional.  It may be subject to (minor) amendment depending on the level of entries, which will not be known until June 2013.

We hope this early notice will allow clubs to make their preparations.  We look forward to welcoming representatives of all the clubs and nations that are involved in building  and rowing St Ayles skiffs.
Championship Races Timetable:
Championship races will be held over a course of approximately 2000m.
There will be a 180 degree turn to starboard at the halfway mark. Each boat will have its own turning buoy.  Crews in popular categories will have to race one heat and if they qualify from that heat will race in the final.  Unless stated otherwise the final for any category will be on the same day as the heat.
Wednesday 10 July 2013
Under 17 Male final
Under 17 Female final
Under 19 Male final
Under 19 Female final
50+ Men, Women, Mixed (heats only)
60+ Men final
60+ Women final

Thursday 11 July 2013
Mixed Open “A” heats
Mixed Open “B” heats
50+ Mixed final
50+ Men final
50+ Women final
Mixed Open A finals
Mixed Open B finals
Friday 12 July 2013
40+ Men heats
40+ Women heats
40+  Mixed heats
40+ Men final
40+ Women final
40+ Mixed final
Saturday 13 July 2013
Open Women heats
Open Men heats
Under 17 Mixed final
Under 19 Mixed final
Over 60 Mixed final
Open Women final
Open Men  final
It is proposed that a club championship trophy will be awarded, with the best 10 results per club from the Championship races being counted to determine who is to be The World Champion Club.
In addition to the Championship races there will be long distance races for “Men’s Open” and “Women’s Open” earlier in the week.  There will be a sprint time trial challenge running throughout the week. The sprint and long distance races will not count towards championship points.
Mixed Open “B” is a new category intended for clubs second crews.  No member of a  mixed open “B” crew can also race in mixed open “A”.
All racing will be held under the Rules of Racing of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association.  All skiffs must comply with the Measurement Rules for the St Ayles skiff issued by the Class Governing Body (The Scottish Coastal Rowing Association).   A detailed notice of race will be issued closer to the event.
We look forward to seeing you in Ullapool in July 2013.
Robbie Wightman, Convenor, Scottish Coastal Rowing Association
Topher Dawson, Chair, 2013 St Ayles Skiff World Championships Organising Committee.

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