Yoal Design Heads Round the World!

The Shetland Times have carried an article about the St Ayles skiff and the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association.

The article explains how Iain Oughtred was inspired for the design of the skiff by a model of a Lerwick registered Fair Isle skiff, which is to be found in the Scottish Fisheries Museum, Anstruther.  The Museum, Patrons of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association, commissioned Iain Oughtred for the design of the St Ayles.

Shetland produced more inspiration for the Scottish Coastal Rowing Project.  The Islands have been home to competitive yoal racing for many years, and seeing that active scene (amongst others around the British Isles) made some of us confident that there would be enthusiasm for community rowing elsewhere in Scotland.  The  Shetland yoals are around 22 feet long and clinker built to traditional methods using larch planking.  The six rowers pull one oar each and sit double banked on three thwarts.  Races are held throughout the summer months and are generally on a course of 1000 m.  There is some information about the racing and boats on the Lerwick Boating Club website.

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