Lochmaddy and North Uist

The Outer Hebridies will hopefully have more St Ayles skiffs this year.

The trustees of Comann na Mara (the society of the sea) based in Lochmaddy on the Isle of North Uist are looking at ways of strengtheing the ties between  local communities and the sea that surrounds them.  A small marina development is underway, and they are looking at ways of utilising the bay.  They are therefore  hoping that the local communties can become involved in Scottish Coastal Rowing, which will bring the added bonus of the sharing of boat building skills.  Not surprisingly the Islands have a long maritime and boat building heritage, and there are still boat builders on the Island who can turn out boats using traditional methods.

Anyone interested in becoming involved in Coastal Rowing and building St Ayles skiffs in North Uist should get in touch with Niall Johnson either by e mail zodiacniall@hotmail.com or by phone on 01876 500234 (evenings).

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