Some Exciting Additions to the West Coast Circuit

A Clyde Circuit and an Argyll Circuit are now emerging amongst the events advertised in the 2013 SCRA Regatta Calendar, with new events being offered on the Islands of Seil and Islay, and on the mainland at Tighnabruich and Troon.  These join established events on Cumbrae and at Royal West to make up the six events currently scheduled for the West Coast this year.

Seil Skiff is hosting its first event on the Isle of Seil on 1 and 2 June.  Seil is blessed with some of the best tidal water for exploring in small open boats that can be found anywhere in the world and this charming island (joined to the mainland by the “Bridge Over the Atlantic”) will be a very welcome addition to the SCRA regatta circuit.  Follow news for the regatta at, where it makes clear “all cordially invited”!

The first Clyde event of the year is scheduled to be at Troon on 8 June.  The plan is to host the largest numbers of St Ayles skiffs seen together on the Clyde.  The club have been very active in getting their two skiffs on the water, and have the support of the local council in promoting the event. Boats will launch from TroonSouthBeach.

Royal West intend to run an invitational event on 22nd June to coincide with the Comet Festival in Port Glasgow. The club have supported this festival in the past but this will be the first time that they have run a small regatta as part of the festivities.  Many clubs will be heading to Portsoy this weekend, but Royal West will still be able to run an exciting and welcoming event for some of the local clubs as part of the annual Port Glasgow event.

Back in Argyll, on 1 July, Kyles Coastal Rowing Club are going to hold their first open event at Tighnabruich  as part of the Fife Regatta, which attracts stunning yachts from the drawing board of the Fife family, who built the most beautiful boats in the world at Fairley on the Clyde.  The Big Yachts will be in the Kyles of Bute on Monday 1 July 2013, and the club hope that skiffies will join them and take part in pulling races.  The international yachting press will be at the event, so it would be good to have a turnout of smart St Ayles skiffs to attract their attention.  Kyles coastal rowing club can be found on Facebook.  Contact  the club for more information on the pulling races. What will make this event very special is the company the skiffs will be keeping on the water.  Feast your eyes:

On 3rd August crews will set off from the Island of Islay to take part in the Comcille Challenge, a rowing race of around 45 miles to Northern Ireland.  St Aylses skiff clubs from Argyll have been invited to take part in a small regatta on the day of departure, an event which will form part of the Islay Festival of the Sea.

Returning to the Clyde, the Sail and Oar Festival will take place on the Isle of Cumbrae on 10 and 11 August 2013.  This is the fourth annual festival, which last year attracted St Ayles skiffs from Royal West, Cumbrae, Troon, Gal Gael, Carrick and Cockenzie/ Port Seton.

With the large number of clubs now involved in Scottish Coastal Rowing it is inevitable that there will be some clashes of dates, and it is no longer possible for clubs to attend every event, nor in the normal run of things for most individual clubs to host the entire fleet, currently 40 skiffs in the UK.  We can however avoid clashes in local circuits, so that clubs can ensure a good turnout from their local rivals, and there will still be regattas which aim to draw clubs from all over the country in large numbers, and of course there is the World Championships to look forward to!

If you have an event that you wish to add to the 2013 calendar please drop an e mail to


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