2014 Events

The Scottish Coastal Rowing Association’s committee has been considering carefully the best way to ensure that future St Ayles Skiff World championships are special events and are run with the enthusiasm and commitment that is being put into the 2013 Worlds at Ullapool.  We want to ensure that the event remains truly international,  that the hosts are able to lend sufficient boats to visiting crews from other nations, and that visiting crews can make the commitment to travel considerable distances to take part in a very special event.

For these reasons the committee do not consider that the Skiffie Worlds should take place every year, and provisionally are planning for the second Skiffie Worlds to take place in 2016.  This will keep the event special. 

We do however want to encourage and participate in exciting new events for 2014, and provisional planning is going into these, to ensure that the class and the sport continues to develop and grow.  

At this stage we are hoping that our 2014 calendar will include a long distance event up the River Clyde into Glasgow city centre as part of a bigger flotilla event.  The SCRA also hopes to host a regatta in Glasgow City Centre… those who were at the Glenlee Ceilidh will have looked out over the proposed course.  There is also the possibility of a touring event on the Great Glen, and a long distance race on the Forth to be organised by some of the SCRA clubs.

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