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Six Clyde clubs (Royal West, Galgael, Cumbrae, Troon, Carrick and Girvan) gathered at Maidens Harbour on a rather grey and overcast Saturday. However spirits were high and oars at the ready.

This was the inaugural meeting for Carrick Coastal’s running of the Exciseman’s Chase, over eight kilometres, around the foot of CulzeanCastle on the Ayrshire coast. We were delighted to have the company of our neighbours, near and far. Boats were launched in the harbour and after a briefing at 1230 the “second” crew began their walk through the grounds of Culzean estate, carrying the contraband. Meanwhile, just after 1300 the boats left at two minute intervals, heading north to GasHouseBay to rendezvous with their team-mates.

The skiffs were pushed along by a moderate swell and following wind, everyone making good time. After a swift turnaround on the beach there ensued a hard and keenly fought return leg. As the crews pulled into harbour and after a short dash to the timekeeper, bottle in hand, the clock stopped.


The results were as follows:


Club Start time Culzean arrival Culzean departure Finish time Lap times(mins) Overall time Overall position

Royal West

1:15pm 1:44pm 1:47pm 2:22pm 29/35 1h:7m 1
Galgael 1:17pm 1:50pm 1:54pm 2:32pm 33/38 1h:15m 4
Cumbrae 1:19pm 1:54pm 1:55pm 2:32pm 35/37 1h:13m 3
Carrick 1:21pm 1:56pm 1:57pm 2:33pm 35/36 1h:12m 2
Troon 1:23pm 1:55pm 1:56pm 2:46pm 32/50 1h:23m 5
Girvan 1:27pm 2:04pm 2:06pm 3:01pm 37/55 1h:34m 6


With all safely returned, hospitality of beer and burgers was enjoyed and presentations made. Each crew received a commemorative certificate and bottle of malt whisky.

Royal West were awarded the Exciseman’s Quaich and were worthy winners.

Our sincere thanks goes out to all who participated, including the visiting teams, Maidens Harbour Trust, Carrick Round Table and many other individuals who made this a truly community event.

We hope this will be the first of a regular feature on the SCRA calendar.

Fergus Forsyth


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