Draft 2014 Regatta Calendar

As at 6th October the dates already submitted are as below. Please get your dates to Adam Graham at secretary@rwsabc.com prior to 19th October.

Date Venue Club
10-May-14 Anstruther St Ayles RC
17-May-14 Annan Annan CRC
17-May-14 Achiltibuie Coigach
18-May-14 Achiltibuie Coigach
7-Jun-14 Greenock Royal West
14-Jun-14 Troon Troon CRC
28-Jun-14 Portsoy Boat Festival
29-Jun-14 Portsoy Boat Festival
11-Jul-14 Loch Broom UCRC
12-Jul-14 Loch Broom UCRC
13-Jul-14 Loch   Broom UCRC
24-Jul-13 Glasgow GalGael
25-Jul-13 Glasgow Galgael
26-Jul-14 Glasgow Galgael
27-Jul-14 Glasgow Galgael
2-Aug-14 Collieston Collieston ORC
9-Aug-14 Cumbrae Cumbrae
10-Aug-14 Cumbrae Cumbrae
23-Aug-14 North Berwick NBRC
6-Sep-14 Queensferry QCRC / NQCRC
7-Sep-14 Queensferry
13-Sep-14 Queensferry QCRC / NQCRC
20-Sep-14 Tyne
27-Sep-14 London
4-Oct-14 Various TBC Regional groups
25-Oct-14 TBC SCRA Freshwater
  1. #1 by Mark Peters on 12 October 2013 - 7:21 pm

    I am aiming to get interest to build a couple of boats down here in Devon but this idea of the World Champs being delayed until 2016 and then bi-annual from then on will just about finish the project before we start. Please get the powers that be to observe the Cornish Pilot Gigs World Champs held in St Mary’s Isles of Scilly it is not the ideal location from the fact that the event is on the verge of out growing the places for competitors to stay, plus shipping the boats out to the islands, but they have in excess of 130 gigs turning up to race, that equates to 1,560 rowers not to mention the coxswains plus spectators, it’s a huge event that is the highlight of the gig year with the top crews training every day of the week twice a day for months leading up to it. Please re think I am sure if you have a venue that can accommodate the expansion of rowers and spectators the Skiffy Worlds can be as large or even larger than the Gig W.Champs. But please keep it annual. Kindest regards Mark Peters – Dartmouth, Devon.

  2. #2 by Robbie Wightman on 15 October 2013 - 9:51 am

    Hi Mark, by way of explanation behind the decision not to make the worlds an annual event: (1) A huge amount of effort and fundraising was put into hosting the Skiffie Worlds, and we do not expect a group to do that annually. We remain volunteers and not professionals, and generally the organisers are also racing themselves. (2) As well as the local teams from Scotland, England and Netherlands, we had teams travelling from the East and West Coasts of the US and from Australia. Sadly the crews from New Zealand had to cancel at the last minute. More kits are being sold world wide, and we could well have entries from South America, Southern Africa and the Caribbean for the next worlds. Whereas groups from the British Isles and mainland Europe, might be expected to travel every year to a championships, we cannot expect a proportion of our Skiffie community to travel half way round the world every year, and if they do not attend then the winners cannot really consider themselves to be champions of the world. The Skiffies from other continents are lovely people, are part of our community and we could not have the same experience without them. (3) Having the Worlds affects the local regattas which are the building blocks and meeting places of our sport. Entries were down at some of our established regattas, as clubs concentrated their holiday time and training on attending the Worlds. We need to ensure that we have strong and reliable local regatta circuits, if our sport is to continue to thrive. Hopefully all clubs will make sure they attend their neighbours’ regattas this year, and make a journey to some regattas further away too. (4) In the absence of the Worlds there is space in the regatta circuit for regional championships (indeed the observant might have been wondering what the entry for 4/5 October 2014 was all about). It may be that national championships and even European Championships/ Antipodean Championships/ North American Championships etc. can develop. In the meantime however you will find that there are great events that you can attend. Try the three day city centre regatta on the Clyde, a rowing tour on Loch Ness or one of the big local regattas at say (for example only, there are plenty of possibilities) Coigach, Troon, Ullapool or North Berwick. Hopefully we will have some events in England and the Netherlands this year…. watch this space. (5) The Skiffie Worlds was very special, and we hope to keep it that way. (6) The Gig World Championships is very special too, and we do not seek to replicate it!

    Good luck with the project, cheers, Robbie Wightman, SCRA convenor.

  3. #3 by Mark Peters on 29 October 2013 - 6:13 pm

    Hi Robbie, many thanks for your reply I had a similar one from Topher who I am glad to have now met, albeit via cyberspace. I do see your point, though the local chamber of trade would surely fall over themselves to help with organising as the potential rewards from the masses arriving would be huge. I am just an outsider looking in, you know what you are doing and the feelings within the Skiffie rowing community so I will listen and learn. As for our progress we have our first and hopefully not our last meeting on Thursday evening to see whether we start the project or scrap it. I will keep you posted. Kindest regards to you All, our rowing cousins at the other extremity in the UK mainland. Mark Peters. Down here in deepest darkest Devon.

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