News from the SCRA AGM (26.10.2013)

After a miraculously rain-free regatta (well, nearly) the heavens opened, and a slightly bedraggled Association convened early in the evening in the nearby  Kirk Hall, Callander – splendid radiant heating beamed at us from practically every direction – for the 2013 AGM.

Edited highlights and access to the main reports here for now – a full and exhaustive (and possibly exhausting) report on proceedings to follow.

The Minutes  of the 2012 AGM  were accepted as a true & correct record
Robbie Wightman narrated us through his Convenor’s Report
as did Topher Dawson with his Treasurers  Report
Existing Officers and Committee offering themselves for re-election were confirmed in post:
  • Robbie Wightman (Convenor);
  • Topher Dawson (Treasurer);
  • Adam Graham (T&D);
  • Ali Grant (Rowporty) (coaching programme development);
  • Peter Ashe (Rowporty) (Secretary);
  • Stuart Mack (C&PS);
  • Barbara Waughman (Anstruther);
  • David Todd (Scottish Fisheries Museum).

(and Sue Fenton from Seil kindly allowed herself to be co-opted, subsequently.)

Then we got stuck in to the Measurement Rules Resolutions (voting record available here). This took us some while…

Perhaps strangely, there was no Any Other Business.
The Committee had booked the hall until 8.00 p.m., thinking that would be plenty enough. In the event, we concluded the business at five to the hour!
With thanks to all for their contributions, whether verbal, or by card-waving at the appropriate moments.

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