Skiffmas Gifts through Boatie Blest

John Gerrard of Boatie Blest has created an end of season poster featuring an image from the Start line of the Skiffie Worlds.  Anyone interested in purchasing one of these lovely articles in the old railway poster style can do so online.  On the subject of possible Christmas gifts for the skiff lover in your life, we should have mentioned before now the Boatie Blest DVD release of “Row It Like you Stole It”.  The video follows a variety of plucky underdogs as they strive for success at the Boatie Blest Regatta.  As well as getting the emotion of being in a St Ayles skiff club, some handy tips can surely be picked up on how to run a friendly, welcoming and efficient event.  The feature won the Palm d’Oar at the ‘Pans Film Festival, and comes with a souvenir edition of Ahoy! magazine.   A copy of the DVD can be yours for a mere £10, by contacting Andrew Doney by e mail.  andrew*at*  A preview of the film can be seen on youtube.

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