Racing between Castles

Last year some of us enjoyed the Exciseman’s Chase which involved the foot of Culzean Castle on the Ayrshire coast. And again, there was an enjoyable Lochalsh Row in June. Well this year, how about a race between 2 Castles…a bit further afield??

Our Welsh cousins have just sent a promotional paragraph about their Castle to Castle race. It’s on 05th April – practically tomorrow!

Here are the details:

Annually we [the Welsh Sea Rowing Association] hold a race – the Castle to Castle, along the Menai Strait which separates Mainland Wales and the Isle of Anglesey. The length of the race is 12 miles, and runs from two famous castles both on the shores of the Strait. The race starts from the Royal Anglesey Yacht Club in Beaumaris, under both Menai Suspension Bridge, through the Swellies, and under the Britannia Bridge on to the finishing line at Caernarfon and The Royal Welch Yacht Club.

The race is open to any rowing boat class; we row Celtic Long Boats, as do most Welsh sea rowing clubs.

Date: 5th April 2014.
Start Time 12.30pm

If any of your members are interested or need more information please contact me:  elinspowell – at – or 07747600578.

…The tides could be interesting!

For those not familiar with this particular piece of Welsh coastline (see the first photo here for a glimpse of it), here is the relevant Google Map. Apparently one could walk the distance in something over 4 hours (no, not on water) – amusingly, they do not include a ‘by sea’ travel option…(must write and point out this glaring omission).

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