Events in the South West for 2014

After a large expansion in its fleet this year, the South West of Scotland sees an expansion in its regatta circuit for 2014.   A list of the events for Scottish Coastal Rowing and the St Ayles fleet can be found on the 2014 Events Tab.

The first event listed for the South West next year is a new one, and an entertaining one at that.  The town of Annan, on the Solway Firth, close to the English Border will be launching  and naming their skiff in due course.  The Annan Raid on England  on 17 May 2014, will be a one of a kind skiff race.

This will be a raid on England, leaving 1 hr before high water from Annan Harbour, racing  the 3 miles over to Bowness on Solway, landing on the beach. At least 1 to 3 members of each crew will proceed to pub in the centre of village to recover a bell, the first crew arriving at pub have privilege of bringing bell back to Annan and the second crew will bring the stand stand.  Crews will start together for the return leg. At  Annan  (estimate return 1 hr after high water) the bell will be reassembled and rung by the winning crew.  The race partially recreates a  raid in 1626 when some men from Annan raided and stole the bell at Bowness which was the maximum insult in those days.  We do however hope that our skiffs do better than those historic raiders who sadly, due to a combination of heavy bell, small boat and a lot of alcohol lost the bell in the Solway  and has never been found.  Apparently its watery ring is still heard from time to time.  Note the Clash with the very popular Coigach Regatta, but it is assumed that many clubs from the South West will want to take part in the raid.  Please contact Roy Kerr for more information (roykerr(at)

Three weeks later, on 7 June 2014,  Royal West will host a regatta at Greenock which may not be restricted to St Ayles skiffs. Royal West have an extensive fleet of boats, including class 1 Jollyboats and coxed fix seat pairs, and they are looking at ways to make use of them for SCR competition.  Watch this space for more details in due course.

Troon Regatta is set down for 14 June 2014.  This was a popular event last year, featuring a medium length course, with crews from Queensferry, Firth of Clyde, Royal West and Carrick joining the two skiffs from the home club.  The beach at Troon is sandy and gently shelving and can handle a large number of skiffs.

Cumbrae  Sail and Oar Festival has been a fixture on the skiff calendar for the last three years.  This year the event will be on 9 and 10 August 2014 .  

The Exciseman’s Chase takes place on 20 September 2014.  This is a coastal long distance race from Maidens Harbour to Culzean Castle and back.  The following day Carrick Coastal Rowing Club are planning to hold a sprint regatta aimed at schools and juniors.

Crews will return to the Solway for the Nith Navigation Race. The race is a long distance time trial, racing up the River Nith into Dumfries Town Centre on 27 September 2014.   Last years race started at a cafe and finished in a pub, which seemed to go down well with crews.  Six skiffs  completed the 2013 event in around 1 hour.

Any other events in the South West (or anywhere else for that matter) should be intimated to Adam Graham  (adam_graham<at> ) for inclusion in the 2014 Events Calendar.

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