Blakeney Launch “Bluejacket”

Communities often ponder what they need once they have built a St Ayles skiff.  The simple answer is…..  another one.  Having two skiffs allows for informal club competitions, as well as training or exploring in company.

Blakeney in Norfolk clearly cottoned on to this and have been crafting a St Ayles through the Norfolk winter.  She has been given the same paint scheme as her sister ship Hoi Lantarn, and was launched on 26 April 2014.   She became the 57th St Ayles to be launched in the UK.  Blakeney were joined in their celebrations by skiff builders  from both Wells and Kings Lynn who are each starting to build a pair of St Ayles skiffs, meaning that North Norfolk is rapidly becoming a hub for the class.  Both boats had multiple outings on the day of the launch with different crews.  CRA Blakeney even  picked up some new members on the day.

Full report on the CRA Blakeney website from which the photos below have been borrowed.   Welcome to the fleet Bluejacket, may you bring great pleasure and friendship to all those that step into your sweet hull.

The next major expedition for  Hoi Larntan will be to Cork to take part in the Ocean to City row.   In the meantime however anyone interested in rowing in North Norfolk can get in touch through the website.



  1. #1 by Robin Forrest on 30 April 2014 - 11:37 am

    The boat pictured is Hoi Larntan

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