First time in a skiff for High School Expedition

Ullapool High School pupils recently rowed at the Summer Isles as part of their John Muir Award.  Here are a couple of pupil accounts.
Ullapool expedition
“On Thursday the 22nd of May, my classmates and I went skiff rowing for our first time. We had a good time rowing and our team worked well together. For lunch, we stopped at a beach and had a fire with some dried driftwood. The way back was harder as we were rowing against the wind but we still got back safe and sound. I really enjoyed it and hope to row again soon!”

Joe Crook


“On the 22nd of May I went skifff rowing at Tanera Mor. Even though it was windy and cold I still had a great time. I had never been rowing before so it was a great first experience. I enjoyed rowing very much and I hope to do more rowing in the future. We rowed along the side of the island . There was several cliffs that birds used for nesting, it was amazing to see.
“We stopped for lunch at a small beach. We ate our lunch in a cave and we also lit a fire. After we had picked up rubbish on the beach we set off again. We switched boats after our lunch. On the way back we had to row harder because we were against the wind. We arrived at another beach and we pulled the boats up onto the sand. There was a birds nest nearby. We walked back to the cafe. I had an amazing time and can’t wait to go rowing again!”

Nina MacDonald

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