Meanwhile on Lake Champlain…..

There was a gathering of five St Ayles skiffs in Vermont over the weekend.  This amounts to half the current North American fleet, and is the biggest gathering of St Ayles skiffs in the one place to date,  outwith the UK.  The gathering took place on Lake Champlain, where the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum keeps its two skiffs.   Lisa Percival reports:

“We had a delightful weekend of rowing last Saturday and Sunday, July 12 and 13!!  We had a total of 5 St.Ayles skiffs with two from LCMM, 1 from Ayle of Quinte in Picton Ontario, 1 from Moravian Academy in Pennsylvania (Sephira) and 1 from Renbrook Academy in Connecticut.

“We had glorious weather on Saturday for our 1 mile skiff race to a harbor across Lake Champlain, joined by 2 of our 32’Cornish Pilot gigs.  After the race over, most rowers went for a swim or dip in the lake waters and relaxed for almost an hour before racing back to our harbor at Lake Champlain Maritime Museum.  We had a picnic lunch on the grounds and then rowers went back onto the lake for a more leisurely exploration of the area.

“On Sunday, July 13 the skiffs were joined by our fleet of gigs and several man powered smaller boats for our  annual Challenge Race.  Due to high winds and the threat of storms, we modified the course to follow the Vermont coastline—it was roughly a 3 mile oval race.  Once the race was finished, all rowers and guests were invited to a sumptuous meal provided by our Community Rowing Club.”

Lisa describes it as a “wonderful event for all” and explains how the rowers thought of fellow skiffies from the 2013 worlds and knew how much we would have enjoyed joining in!  One for next year?

Champlain (PICTON)


renbrook navy



cHamplain Perseverence


For those of you interested in the results, clicky clicky.  There is also now a report on the North American St Ayles website


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