New Skiffs for Blyth and Bunillidh

Two new skiffs joined the fleet this weekend,  one in Northumberland and one in Sutherland.  (For those of you not in the UK it might not be obvious that Northumberland is in the South and Sutherland is pretty far north).   The following pictures have all been shared onto the Scottish Coastal Rowing Facebook Group.

blyth champaign

blyth salute

blytha and gosforth

Crofton (skiff number 69) was launched at Blythe.  She was paraded through town behind a marching band, before being blessed, named and launched.  Gosforths “Grace” met her on the water and Byker Belle was also in attendance.

Pride of Bunillidh was lauched in the afternoon in Helmsdale, Sutherland.  She is skiff number 70 on the register of craft.  She was named   by Davy Cowie, a retired fishing skipper whose family owned the previous fishing vessels going by the name Pride of Bunillidh.

pride launch

pride bunillidh

Congratulations to all those involved in getting both these boats from sheets of plywood to the stage of launching beautiful skiffs.  Good luck to all those who have the opportunity to benefit from the teamwork and hard work that went into building them, including those who put teamwork and hard work into racing them.

Sadly the racing at the Darliada festival due to take place over the weekend was cancelled due to very thick fog.  If you can’t see the course, you can’t really race. This of course did not stop a skiff being launched and used around the marina!

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