Islay Regatta 2014


Following on from the rowing events at last year’s Islay Festival of the Sea, Islay Coastal Rowing held the Islay Rowing Regatta 2014 at North Bay, Port Ellen on Saturday 2nd August. The weather was unfortunately not great for spectators but no problem at all for the gallant crews of men, ladies and mixed teams taking to the waves. Portobello and Mid Argyll rowing clubs along with Islay, launched their boats to do battle in nine different age categories. Using a circular course around the bay, at 10 o’clock sharpish, the first race got underway with the 50+ men, Islay coming home in first place with the fastest time of the day. As the rain started to come in the 50+ ladies took to the water, and using their strength and skill Portobello came home the winners.

Thanks to Jack and Bobby the racing managed to stay on time and the rowers worked their way through the categories.
Men’s 40+: Portobello
Ladies 40+: Islay
Men’s open: Islay
Ladies open: Islay
50+ mixed: Islay
40+ mixed: Portobello
Mixed open: Islay.
Only Islay had a team for the under 19s category so they raced alongside the 50+ and came in with a time of 18.25.

It was a great day, despite the rain, and made even better when Islay were crowned the overall Champions and received (fittingly) a handmade mini oar crafted by Jack.

To round off the weekend with our new friends from Portobello we launched the boats once again on Sunday and had a social row up the coast, past the distilleries to Ardbeg where we enjoyed some well-deserved clootie dumpling. We decided to come home via Texa Island, where upon the weather deteriorated and the rowers had to work hard punching into squally showers which made for exciting rowing. The homeward leg was true coastal rowing and the skiffs showed their remarkable design by taking no water, in what was some very choppy conditions.

A huge thanks to everyone who helped make it such a great weekend, especially Portobello and Mid Argyll for the effort they made coming to join us.






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