Brochty Splashes onto the Tay

The Tay gained its third St Ayles skiff on Sunday when Broughty Ferry Boating launched their first skiff, named “Brochty“.  She was given a taste of the traditional spirit before being lowered into the Tay by rowers and boat builders.  She was welcomed onto the water by rowers from Fife clubs.  Everyone from the local community is warmly invited to become involved in using Brochty.  If you are interested please contact .

broughty quaich


broughty castle


There are several other launchings coming up.  Barra will launch on Saturday 6th Sept. Named by the island schoolchildren, the Barra skiff will be unveiled on Saturday morning at 10.30am in the Square, before being piped down the main street by the Feis Bharraigh Pipe Band to the slipway at the pier.

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