Goolwa Launches Fourth Australian St Ayles

The St Ayles Skiff built at Armfields Slip in Goolwa, South Australia has now been launched, bringing the current Australian fleet up to four skiffs.  Goolwa is a town south of Adelaide with close links with Port Seton in Scotland.

armsfield launch

It is hoped that this boat will travel with others to the Skiffie Championships held in Tasmania in February 2015.  There will be sprint racing at the fabulous Australian Wooden Boat Festival, as well as a touring event, longer distance racing at Franklin, and a feature at the Hobart Regatta.  With further launches due and boats travelling over from New Zealand it is hoped that at least seven boats will be present.  Crews from the Northern Hemisphere are warmly invited, and will be given the use of local skiffs for the championships, and supplemented with local rowers if needed!

Further report on the Goolwa launch and photos on Tasskiffies2015 pages of LBT website.  To ask about taking part in the Tasskiffies 2015 conatact Lorrie Harrison, one of the Women on Water at Franklin:  w.lharrison[at]

Anyone in Australia and New Zealand wishing to purchase a St Ayles skiff kit should contact Robert Ayliffe:

  1. #1 by Boatie Blest on 7 September 2014 - 11:28 pm

    Well done Goolwa. You should find the skiff much more forgiving and better handling than Captain Cadell’s Canoe. Best wishes from Boatie Blest.

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