Mull Regatta Results 2014

  After a gap of over 40 years, rowing races returned to Tobermory last weekend as Isle of Mull Coastal Rowing hosted their first regatta. Skiffs from Collieston, Ardersier, Port Seton, Luing and Seil joined Mull’s Eala Bhan. In all around 60 rowers enjoyed some good competition.


On Friday evening timed sprints along the seafront provided some warm up practice for boats which had arrived early. Sprinting in lanes of two and three skiffs down the fairway we managed 19 individual timed runs before twilight. (fortunately no speed cameras about that evening to enforce the 4 kt limit) A newly formed team from year 3 at Tobermory High School came well up the ranking and gave an indication of things to come for rowing on Mull. Halfway through the proceedings we were treated to the sight of Collieston’s Admiral Redsocks being rowed through the Doirlinn having been towed up from Oban by the beautiful gaff cutter, Iris.

Dervaig A Mull Boys came first closely followed by Collieston Crackers in second. Dervaig Ladies came in third, a full second ahead of the Mull Masters at fourth – which may take some living down.

Saturday morning all six skiffs were involved in the ~2km races down to Aros and back. Port Seton lived up to their reputation, winning all three of the 2km races they entered.   Mull, Collieston and Luing shared most of the other honours.

There was good racing throughout the morning as the weather held, though with a strengthening head wind on the return legs.

Amazingly, the races kept pretty well to schedule and everyone enjoyed a good lunch of home made soup, crab sandwiches, tea and bakes.

After lunch there was time for two races around Calve Island. North about into the Sound of Mull across a moderate swell then a run down the outside of the island before returning through the Doirlinn passage back into the bay. The freshening breeze and choppy sea made for some hard pulling at times. But the east coast boats are well used to nipping out of a harbour straight into the weather and from Collieston’s perspective at least it was as good as flat calm.

The Womens Calve race was won by Mull ahead of Port Seton and Seil. The Mens by Collieston ahead of Luing and Mull. Though first across the line in the Mens was a mixed team from Port Seton.

The day’s overall winner on points was Mull (having done well but also as a result of entering all the races!) However, at the prizegiving, by general acclaim, Ardersier were declared the overall winners of the regatta, having raised over £600 for the Macmillan Cancer Fund through sponsorship of their round Calve race.

Official proceedings over, most folk reconvened in the adjacent hostelry for the evening.

On Sunday morning Ardersier, Port Seton, Colliseton and Mull made it out onto the water for a short social row south. The sight of Iris sailing down the sound to take Admiral Redsocks in tow back to Oban made a fitting end as we all said goodbye. Until next year?

The results  were as follows:


  1. Dervaig A Mull Boys 1.31.57
  2. Collieston Crackers 1.34.52
  3. Dervaig Ladies 1.35.50
  4. Mull Masters 1.36.51
  5. Dimwits Admiral Redsocks 1.39.08
  6. Dervaig Ladies 1.40.84
  7. Selkie 1 1.42.30
  8. Ardersier Classics 1.45.70
  9. Selkie 3 1.48.59 9
  10. Para Handy High School 1.49.70
  11. Ardersier Casuals 1.50.56
  12. Selkie 2 1.50.90
  13. Admiral Redsocks 1.52.00
  14. Para Handy High School 1.52.30
  15. A Team minus 1.53.01 15
  16. Ardersier 3 1.53.69
  17. Ardersier 1 1.53.70
  18. Para Handy High School 1.55.92
  19. Ardersier mixed bag 2.09.36

2km races

40+ Mixed :  1 Port Seton, 2 Mull, 3 Collieston, 4 Luing, 5 Seil, 6 Ardersier

Open Mixed: 1 Port Seton, 2 Mull, 3 Luing, 4 Collieston, 5 Seil, 6 Ardersier

40+ Women: 1 Mull, 2 Collieston, 3 Luing, 4 Ardersier

Open Women: 1 Mull, 2 Collieston

40+ Men:  1 Mull, 2 Luing, 3 Ardersier

Open Men:  1 Port Seton, 2 Mull, 3 Collieston


Round Calve Island Race

Women 1 Mull 44mins, 2 Port Seton 50mins, 3 Seil 52mins, 4 Collieston 54mins,
5 Luing 55mins, (Ardersier mixed crew 63mins)

Men 1 Collieston 37mins, 2 Luing 39mins, 3 Mull 40mins, 4 Seil 42mins
(Port Seton mixed crew 36mins)


Championship Points:

1 Mull 43 points,

2 Collieston 24 points,

3= Port Seton 23 points,

3= Luing 23 points,

5 Seil 11 points,

6 Ardersier 9 points

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