Forth Flotilla Report

A big gathering of seagoing vessels,  named “The Forth Road Bridge Flotilla” was held last weekend  to celebrate the 50th birthday of this Firth of Forth landmark.  St Ayles Rowing Club of Anstruther attended with two skiffs, along with  Chippy McNish (Royal West), Jenny Skylark (Row Porty), Ferry Maid and Ferry Lass (Queensferry), Sandbay Century (St Andrews) and Ferry Sonnet (North Queensferry).  The Skiffs were prominant at the front of the  150 or so  other assorted craft.

Elsie from the Anstruther club reports:  “Mustering in the bay we all set off, in nothing like the order we had been given, but everyone just joined in and started rowing.  The wind was kinder than the forecast had predicted and the crews had great fun in the washing machine conditions, sandwiched between yachts of all different sizes and two mini puffer boats which had us choking with the coal smoke from their funnels.  As we were in the inside ‘column’ of three, led by HMS Archer, we had the MV Pharos and Anstruthers own Reaper leading the other two columns and both circled us during the journey.  We all agreed that rowing the 7 miles “under” the new Queensferry Crossing, going up as far as Rosyth before turning and then rowing back down river under the birthday bridge and back to Port Edgar, went all too quickly.  It was a fantastic 2 hour trip which we all thoroughly enjoyed, the sun shone and as usual the skiffies put on a great show!”

Peter Locke from South Queensferry says:  “We went out to our muster point with several other skiffs and NQ had rowed over from their side to join our column of all shapes and sizes of craft going to and fro. Good fun and all very respectful of each other’s space. HMS Archer set off westwards with our column following on. Most of us skiffs were fairly well up the column and although there was a fair choppy swell, we kept our positions and had good banter with other boats. Ranald and Sheena offered us a tow but no need at all but thank you anyway! It was that kind of chop where you go up one wave and hit the next one on the way down. Rachel with her broken wrist was perching in the bow and there were a few shrieks as water came inboard as she was keeping her stookie dry.”

Photos below from Qferry and NQferry facebook.

forth flotilla
flotilla st andrews

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