Two More Skiffs Launched in Northern Ireland

Down Coastal Rowing Club’s project in and around Starngford Lough is going from strength to strength, and with the launch of two more St Ayles skiffs this weekend there will be five skiffs available to take part in the inaugural “Narrow’s Challenge” at the mouth of the Lough next weekend.  Racing will be from Castleward, Strangford, and everyone is welcome to enjoy the spectacle, which is expected to run from about 10am through to 4pm.




Strangford’s Boat ‘Strangfjordr’, pictured above, is varnished outside.  Donagahdee have named their new community built skiff  (pictured below) ” Ramharry” which is the Viking term for “rough and strong”.  Pictures by Bernie Brown Copyright is held by Bernie Brown bbphotographic +44 (0) 7831 164371 .  More pictures and information on the Down Coastal Rowing Club facebook page, from which we have been kindly allowed to take these images.  Good luck to all those in both communities, and also to all those involved in the Narrows Challenge.





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