News from Australia

The organisers of Tasskiffie 2015 are keen to hear from anyone who would like to take part in the first major gathering of St Ayles skiffs in the Southern Hemisphere.  It is hoped that at least 8 St Ayles skiffs will be gathered together, with some skiffs being shipped over from New Zealand by container.  The events take place in Tasmani at the start of February and more information can be found in an earlier post and on the events own webpages.  Visitors from the world St Ayles community will be made very welcome, and space will be found for them in the available skiffs.

Meantime in Victoria, good news that funding has now been found for the Warrnambool group, who are planning to build 2 skiffs.  Part as celebration, and part to kick off the boat building process the group are holding a small wooden boat festival on 8 November.  Details below, and do make the effort to go along and say hello if you are in the area.

A poster for the Wrrnambool event can be found here.


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