The First Five Years Poster

skiff5 yrr


Richard Budd
, Graphic Designer and North Berwick Rowing Club member, kindly developed the SCRA logo for us.

Richard has produced  a poster celebrating all the UK St Ayles skiffs launched since the Chris ‘Kannaird (skiff number 00) took to the water and launched the Scottish Coastal Rowing Project back in October 2009.  Posters are big:  36″ x 24″. Clicking on the picture should take you through to the website from which they can be purchased (for £23.95) , but if that does not work try clicking here.  Just the thing if a skiffie in your life is looking for a present.  A smaller version is available here.

STOP PRESS Also now available as a tea towel (although rather pricey, especially for shipping), and as a T-shirt .

It is just astonishing to see so many of these skiffs built in the 5 years since the project started.  Each one is a successful community project, and brings its builders,  rowers, and community great pride.   Well done to everyone who has been involved in bringing each of these boats to the water.  Richard is working on an international poster too…  details to follow.

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