Skiffie Year Planner 2015

It is that time of year…. the days really are starting to get longer!  We are all starting to look ahead, and wondering where our rowing boats will take us in 2015.

The first thing to mention is that the year will start with the biggest ever gathering of Southern Hemisphere St Ayles skiffs.  The Tassieskiffies 2015 takes place around the Australian Wooden Boat festival at Hobart followed by events at Cygnet and at Franklin.  Skiffs from New Zealand, South Australia and Victoria are due to be joining the Tasmanian skiffs for the events, which take place from 8 to 15 February.  And no, its not too late to book a flight to Hobart.  There will be a few Scottish Coastal Rowers present.

We add regatta dates to our 2015 calendar as clubs send us in to us.  May is looking rather empty at the moment, so hopefully clubs will step in and organise more events (and let us know about them!).  The local club run regatta is the main building block for growth of St Ayles skiff rowing.  10, 20, 30 or even 40 club members can travel to use their skiff and represent each community at a local event.  There is nothing like a looming race against your local competitors to encourage you to get out there and practice on your home waters.   The cameraderie between neighbouring communities is heartwarming, and the local regatta is where ideas and enthusiasm is shared.

To that end we have noted in the calendar which regions of the country each regatta takes place in.  Clubs should try their very best to support regattas in their own region.  At the moment we have divided the country into:  South East (Eyemouth to Queensferry), Fife and Angus (North Queensferry to Aberdeen), North (Aberdeen, round the top, to Ardnamurchan, including the Western Isles), Argyll (Ardnamurchan to Glasgow, including Mull and Islay) and SouthWest (Glasgow down to Annan).  These are not set in stone!  This is of course not to put off people from travelling a long distance to take part in further flung regattas… that too is part of the fun.  Those far flung regattas will not happen though, if they are not supported by their nearest and dearest skiffy neighbours.  Those regattas declared in each of the regions so far for 2015 are as follows.  Contact the organisers directly for more details:

South East

14-June Dunbar Dunbar Coastal Rowing Club Middle Distance
20-June Newhaven Newhaven Coastal Rowing Club Forth Midsummer Challenge
27-Jun Queensferry Queensferry and N.Queensferry RCs
29-Aug North Berwick North Berwick Rowing Club Round that Island

Fife and Angus

31-May-2015 Anstruther St Ayles Rowing Club Anstruther Harbour Festival
27-Jun-2015 Queensferry North Queensferry and Queensferry RCs

1 August 2015   Firth of Tay            Broughty Ferry Boating


6-Jun-2015 Gairloch Gairloch Coastal Rowing Club Open regatta
7-Jun-2015 Gairloch Gairloch Coastal Rowing Club Open regatta
27-Jun-2015  Helmsdale  Bunillidh Rowing Club
04-Jul-2015 Portsoy Portsoy CRC Scottish Trad Boat Fest
11 July Loch Broom Ullapool CRC (+ Loch Broom SC)
1 August  Collieston  Colliston ORC



31 May Loch Melfort Isle of Seil CRC Invitation
27-28 June Loch Fyne Viking Festival Tour and races
4-7 Sept Tobermory, Mull Isle of Mull Coastal Rowing various events
6-Sept-2015 Tobermory, Mull Isle of Mull Coastal Rowing Cruising in company and/or long distance race

South West


6-Jun-2015 Troon Troon Coastal Rowing Club  Open regatta
15/16 Aug Cumbrae Cumbrae Coastal Rowing Club
22 August  Largs  Firth of Clyde Coastal Rowing Club  Open Regatta
12 Sept Dumfries Nith Navigation Race (PDDG/SCRA) 6 mile river race
19 Sept Maidens Carrick CRC:  The Exciseman’s Chase 8k TT + Sprints


In addition to the regattas outlined above, SCRA clubs are welcome at various expeditions.  Some of these have a competitive element.  Some are rather just tours or socials.  They tend to involve one crew having the one boat away for a period (so might be best for clubs with more than one skiff available to them).

11-17-May  Brittany, France  Vannes et Vilaine Skiffs de St Ayles en Bretagne  Semaine du Golfe
24-May Venice Vogalonga
30-May Cork, Ireland  Ocean to City (An Ras Mor)
26-27 June  Loch Fyne  Viking Festival
15-16 August Loch Sheil Jacobite Muster

6 Sept   Newcastle  Great Tyne Row

12 Sept  London   Great River Race


We expect there will be active St Ayles Skiffs one design racing elswhere this year.  We will post details and links as and when we get them.  The North East of England has a growing St Ayles fleet, as does the North Coast of Norfolk.  Both of these areas are likely to publish racing schedules.  Down Coastal Rowing Club now has a very active fleet, with Dundrum having hosted racing on 27 December.  Brrr.  The East Coast of the US, and the lakes between there and Quinte has a fleet that continues to grow.  We would love to publicise the dates of any events there where skiffs will be getting together.

Check out links tab above to track down extra information about St Ayles skiffs furth of Scotland.

And Finally….

Thank you for all being part of such a rewarding and enjoyable activity.  Thank you for continuing to reach out to others within your community, and then to other communities, where you will find like minded friends with salty shoes and a pride in their occasional blisters.  All the best for 2015.

Robbie Wightman
(Rower and Convenor SCRA)


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