Pride of Aln Rowing in Company


Alnmouth aln

After a wee winter hiatus,  Pride of Aln has officially made it to sea under oar power!  Regular readers will recal that the Duchess of Northumberland did the naming honours back in the autumn, and she was among the first rowers to pull on an oar when the community built skiff took to the water.

The lively north sea rolling against the beach prevented safe launching  through the surf, so Pride of Aln, along with visiting skiffs from Blyth, Amble and Gosforth trolleyed along the beach to the Aln estuary, where they launched into smoother waters. Skiffies from Gateshead and Durham also milled amongst the visiting crowds.


alnmouth afters

Local skiffie Richard Wilson says “Public ‘Have a Go’ sessions were extremely popular, and included one of our members who is 8 1/2 months pregnant.  (We made sure the cox had at least a first aid certificate – best we could do at short notice)  Even though it was too rough to launch into the surf everyone had a good time, so we feel we helped the sport, over a weekend which also so skiffs on the telly on Countryfile yesterday, and Robson Green on tales from Northumberland.”



Report on Gosforth’s website.

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