Skiff “Arthur Nicoll” Launched by the Brochties

Arthur Nicoll1

Broughty Ferry Boating have launched their second skiff.  Number 94 on the UK Register of craft, the skiff has been named after Arthur Nicoll who was a member of the International Brigade who fought against General Franco in the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39.  He was one of the survivors when 16 volunteers from Dundee died in the conflict, and it was the Arthur Nicoll Foundation which funded the building of the new skiff.

Skiffs from the other Firth of Tay Clubs, Newburgh and Wormit, attended with their crews to welcome Arthur Nicoll to the water. It was a very full weekend for Broughty Ferry, who had successfully campaigned their first skiff “Brochty” at Port Seton regatta the day before, where she had won in three of the six regatta categories.

A crew of Royal Tay Yacht Club cadets, took Arthur Nicoll out for the maiden voyage, and other club members took the chance of a row in the very smart newcomer to the fleet.

arthur nicoll2

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