A New Coastal Rowing Club for Urban Glasgow?

Please spread this word, and see if we can start a new community rowing club in Glasgow.  For over a decade now GalGael have been a well-known landmark on the Govan landscape. During those years they have built a growing reputation for making a real difference to many who struggle with the challenges of today’s modern culture. One of the ways in which they have achieved this is through involving the community in traditional boat building and restoration. In this way, people find skills, purpose and inspiration.  One of their projects has been to build two St Ayles skiffs, Gobhancroit, and Lady Danger (the latter being the only skiff that we are aware of which has been named after a lipstick used by one of the builders).


Although rowers from the project have attended a handful of events, those organising activities at Galgael have recognised that as it has not been a core activity amongst their own projects, the skiffs have not been used as much as they could be.  There is therefore a desire to start a new Coastal Rowing Club in the centre of Glasgow, whose members will take on the responsibility of making sure that the boats get plenty of use, represent Glasgow at some of the enjoyable events on the SCRA calendar, and help to maintain the boats, and who knows….  perhaps inspire the building of more boats.

Galgael can continue to help by providing the two skiffs, and helping with storage, trailers, use of the pontoon at Riverside and other things, if some urban coastal rowers will come forward to get things moving on the water and administer a club.  If you are interested in becoming involved please, please get in touch with Ben Duffin, the lead boat builder at Galgael:   ben@galgael.org .  Also of course if you can think of anyone living in Glasgow who would benefit from enjoying the Govan Coast, please pass this message on to them.  This might of course include students from coastal communities who are missing the joys of community boat use while they are hard at their studies in the city, but could be anybody.  You do not need to be a highly tuned athlete to enjoy the benefits of rowing St Ayles skiffs.  Thankfully.

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