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South West skiffs have three opportunities to race, and passers by and rowing fans have three opportunities to watch skiffs racing, at upcoming events at Largs, Carrick and Dumfries.

Nith Qferry

The Nith Navigation Race is being held on Saturday 12 September.  This really is one where you can bring out your boats.  Although the majority of participants are in St Ayles skiffs, the event is open to any fixed seat coastal rowing boat.  Last year the fastest time was set by a Royal West Jolly Boat thought to be at least 120 years old!  The event is a six mile race with the Tide up the River Nith.  It starts at a cafe and finishes at a pub, so what is not to like?  Last years report and results can be found in an earlier post.  The Golden Conker for the SCRA conker champion will not be presented this year, but we have been promised that there will be some surprises.    Crews are welcome to stay over on the Saturday, and may wish to detour to explore Loch Ken or Loch Don on the way home on the Sunday.  Contact the Roy Kerr to register your crew for the event (and if you want to stay over to enquire about accommodation on board a tall ship).

Jolly boat "Sprite"

Jolly boat “Sprite”

The Excisman’s Chase on 19 September is organised by Carrick Coastal Rowing Club.  It involves racing from Maidens harbour to a beach just below Culzean Castle.  Crews can change crews at the beach if they wish, and will race back to Maidens, carrying an item of contraband, which they must hand in to finish the race.  See the report from last year for more infomation.  Contact Carrick Coastal Rowing Club to register your interest.

However your first chance to see some more racing is at Largs Marina this Saturday, 22 August.  The racing is organised by Firth of Clyde Rowing Club.  Crews are racing either 500m or 2km courses finishing at the pencil monument.  Racing starts around 11am.

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