Rowing of the Marches

This is a very special year for Eskmuthe as the town celebrates the Riding of the Marches – something that only happens every 21 years. And what’s even better is that, for the first time ever, they are going to do a Rowing of the Marches and would like all of you to help.


The Riding of the Marches marks the town’s land boundaries and the rowing event will mark the sea boundaries. This will involve an 8km row with some surprises thrown in. It will also be an evening event with a bonfire and party on the beach to add to the occasion.  As everyone enjoyed the flotilla of boats when the Cockenzie Towers came down, the hosts thought they would include other boats in the big row. They will also have smaller sprint races and things to do on the beach while the boats are away.


The event will take place from 5pm on Saturday 11 June and for anyone wanting to make a night of it they can offer places to leave the boats. They can also offer live music, beach games and lots of fun.


It would be great to add a new event to our Riding of the Marches tradition, which is believed to date back to the fifth century. So please go along, have a great time and make a little bit of history happen.


PS As the RoM involves an armour-clad  Town Champion and six other Principals dressed as a mixture of Witch Finder Generals and Elizabethans, Eskmuthe’s treasurer George wants to make dressing up optional. The only theme is fun!


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