Skiffieworlds Measurement: Reminder

A reminder for all participants at the Skiffieworlds 2016.

Please ensure compliance with the  Building and Measurement Rules for the St Ayles Skiff 2014 Edition and in the event of any difference, please contact the Secretary (  at the earliest opportunity to arrange for an exemption certificate for particular sections of the Rules.
It is anticipated that all skiffs will be weighed and inspected for compliance with these Rules at Skiffieworlds and the relevant Racing Rules at some stage during the event.

When applying for an exemption, and this may be of particular importance to the original skiffs built under previous Rules – please quote the Rule number, the Rule criteria and where your skiff differs from such rules.

For example – where the stems are narrower than required.
Rule 2.4.1 – Stem faces – 1.125 inches (28mm)  – own skiff face 24mm
Please note that the Rudder dimensions are a safety issue and an exemption may not be granted – please ensure that the underwater wetted surface area is a minimum of 850 cm2 .
Some common issues noted at recent regattas:-
stem dimensions
length of keel
Metal footrests ( Rule 6.2)
The use of non-removeable plastic wear plates fitted to the rowlocks is not permitted
Each skiff shall display (visibly) their allocated number from the Skiff Register  please. The numerals shall be at least 20cm in height and displayed on a background of contrasting colour.
If you require an exemption, please apply soon- with name of Club, Name and Number of Skiff , when launched and the details as requested above.
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