To All Clubs – How was Skiffieworlds 2016 for you?

To All Clubs – How was Skiffieworlds 2016 for you?
Did you attend?
Please also respond even if you club did not attend – any particular reasons why you did not?

What issues do we need to consider for the future and the next Skiffieworlds?
Do you have any thoughts or feedback on the following:-

The nature of the race type.

The umpiring

The categories offered

The venue

The “expedition” element (ie getting to and from Delamont).

The socials.

The intention to keep it as a once every 3 years event.

Please complete the questionnaire which has been sent out to the listed club contact.
Please ensure that the Club contacts we hold on the ClubFinder pages of the site are correct – if they are not – please email with any amendments or updates.

Please also contact if you have any photographs or stories for publication.


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