Great River Race results & Photos

Seven St Ayles took part in this year’s GRR – four from the Netherlands and three from England.

On a somewhat grey day, I caught the skiffs passing Westminster from Vauxhall Bridge, then nipped on the train to catch them again at Richmond Bridge.

There were good results for the St Ayles crews – Felton Flyer from Dartmouth won the Mixed crew trophy, Blakeney came 2nd in the Vets 60+, and Woudrichem’s men came third in the Four Oared section. Felton Flyer was racing with Carbon Oars in gates, so would not have won the GRR Trophy, which would have been presented to Woudrichem – if the varnish had dried before we left Somerset on Friday. Another trip to the Netherlands coming I think.

Next year, we expect to see more entries for our skiffs, and there will be separate trophies for womens and mixed crews, and I’ll use better varnish on them which dries in time!

Alec J
















  1. #1 by Mark Peters on 6 September 2016 - 5:45 pm

    Great photo’s thank you Alec, you could have taken them earlier when I had my shirt on mind you, lol ! Delighted the Skifies all did so well, there was a real warmth of friendship between us all when we met up before and after our racing. We had a great ten mile battle with the Dutch men before they gradually gapped us. When we’ve finally settled on a system that works within the rules and can rely on it to last 22 miles we will buy you a tin of fast drying varnish ! However our set up now makes our boat an absolute delight to row which at the end of the day is the most important thing. We will enjoy getting to know her properly now as we row her on and around the Dart. She is being admired greatly by the locals. Kindest regards Mark.

  2. #2 by John Warden on 7 September 2016 - 10:53 am

    Hi Alec, nice post and pics. I row in a Clayton Skiff which is in no way as pretty as yours. Although being past by one on the finishing line wasn’t the best time to admire it’s looks! I was interested in your comment about the Carbon and gated oars. As the boat that beat us in our class was using feather carbons with gates. Can I ask why you felt they wouldn’t win the GRR trophy with them?

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